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New LOOK! The User Interface has changed!

New Features as of Jan 2012
-right click zebra
-bend a line or arrow
-image crop

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Looping and Zooming

17 Ways to Use Prezi in the Classroom

How to Create an FLV Audio file for Prezi Using Jing and Super

Sound and Animations
Note to self> convert .wav or .mpe to .wmv by inserting image and audio into Moviemaker. Use Format Factory to convert audio to .swf. It will play continuously when inserted as file into Prezi.
With a player repeat the process but convert to FLV.

Insert Sound

by Adam Somlai-Fischer
You can insert sound in prezis in FLV flash video or SWF flash format. Why do you need to insert sound in video format to prezis? Since Prezi doesn't currently have direct sound file support, you should convert sound files to FLV or SWF format to upload in Prezi. Please read the step-by-step description on how to do this, and when to choose which file format.
1. FLV sound
How it works: Prezi has a standalone .flv video player that can also be used for adding sound files to your prezi.
  • Add it to the path to automatically start when it appears in the path.
  • Advance to the next path item to stop the video.
  • You can also navigate in the sound/video file using the flv player's navigation bar.
How to implement: To use the player for sound, first add video content to your sound file - the same way you upload music tracks to YouTube.
  • Import the sound file and an image as video content to a video editor software. (We recommend iMovie for Mac, and Windows Movie Maker for Windows computers).
  • Save the project in any video format the software offers.
  • Convert this video file to FLV using file format converter. We recommend a free online tool, called Zamzar.
  • Once your video file has been converted to FLV format you can upload it to Prezi.
Short summary: Prezi eats sound in FLV format. Sound files cannot be converted to FLV, since it is a video format. Solution: convert your sound file to a video file. Then you can easily convert your video file to FLV.
2. SWF sound
How it works: Unlike FLV files, SWF files cannot be added to a standalone player inside Prezi. They appear as images do in your prezi. SWF files can be animations or still images, with or without sound. Once you upload them to Prezi, they will start to loop in continuous playback as long as the prezi is open.
How to implement:
  • Upload an SWF sound file like an image (Insert/File in the bubble menu in Edit Mode. Always add an image to SWF sound or else your uploaded file will be invisible.
  • Select and manipulate it with the Zebra tool just as you would with other media files.
  • Note for developers: If you create swf files with code inside, you can have them start playing upon clicking. However, they cannot be inserted to the path and you can't have them start to play upon zooming with the path.
Short summary: You can upload sound to Prezi in SWF format. There is no player for this inside Prezi -- SWF files work like images you upload. If you add sound to an SWF it will loop continously. You must add an image to the SWF, otherwise it will be invisible in the Prezi editor.

Changes made in Prezi

New Features Log (3D Backgrounds and Fades)