Think - Organize - Visualize

Inspiration is the teachers dream teaching tool for developing ideas and to organize thinking. A simple click of the mouse creates graphic organizers, diagrams, and outlines that visually represent concepts and relationships. The diagramming and outlining views work together to help students understand concepts and information. Instruction can be customized by using hyperlinks and videos with Inspiration.

If you have not tried this software you are missing out. Take a minute to view the Quick Tour and imagine the ways this software can add a new dimension to your instruction and student projects.

Take the Quick Tour

NOTE: There is an online collaborative BETA version called Webspiration.

Workshop Agenda:
  1. View Quick Tour online
  2. Create Earth diagram
  • Main Idea
  • Explore icons/Images [key workd search]
    • color choices
  • Create Links
  • Rapid Fire [linked and unlinked]
  • Arrange [more options/auto arrange]
  • Label on Link
  • Notes
  • Hyperlinks
  • Move and Fit to Windo
  • Format [texts and boxes]
  • AutoSpell [ Word Guide]
  • Transfer [option to only transfer notes
  • Outline View
3. Hyperlink to URL, text, image, sound files
4. Download video from United Streaming> link to Inspiration
5. Record narration
6. Save as Template UTILITY to template wizard
7. Import images into library
8. Search through templates and lesson ideas
9. Tutorials
10. Create your own lesson.
11. How to Print or Email

*Tools>Spellcheck F7
*images, links, .wav files are located in the P:Drive

View Templates and Other resources
Locate Examples Online

Explore Webspiration

Create Your Own