MultiMedia Manager

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, videos, and audio files, and deliver them to public and private audiences via and an attractive user-controllable interface that is compatable across all browser and operating systems. This is a great compliment for teacher sites.
  • DASHBOARD - overview of the module usuage and list recent modifications. It will also show the number of hits and when the media was viewed.
  • CHANNEL MANAGER - Channels are the first level of the media gallery and should be defined by very broad topics.
  • FOLDERS are the next level will be created to define specific mediums.

Photo Slideshow
[.mov, mpg, wmv, avi, and swf files automatically convert to Flash video (.flv) format when uploaded]

MP3 Playlist

Video Playlist Allow a lot of time for videos to upload.
300 MB limit

You can change the background color and header image under the "Settings" tab in MultiMedia Manager.

How to have music playing with slideshow.
Upload MP3 file into the slideshow along witht he .jpg files. (it will instruct you to upload only .jpeg but it will include the .mp3 file as well) Move the .mp3 to the top of the slideshow.
It will begin playing with the first slide and continue playing until the audio file ends. The sound file will not automatically loop. The remaining slides will continue to play without sound. The music will begin again at the first slide.