BISD Web 2.0 Guidelines

As students engage in web 2.0 activities it is imperative that they adhere to the district established guidelines in an effort to protect them in the virtual environment.

Respect Others
  • Approval is needed before using another individual’s work. (Pictures, music, voice, video, web site, etc.)
  • Show respect when critiquing another student’s work. (i.e.; relay two positive comments and one consideration for improvement)
  • Work needs to be informative and purposeful.
  • No cyber-bullying, discriminating or harassing.
  • Don't post false information.
  • Don’t post misleading information.
Online Safety
  • Use only first names, no surnames.
  • Never release any personal information. This applies to yourself & others.
  • Do not share account information.
Copyright Infringement
Inappropriate Material
  • When using a search engine, avoid descriptive words that would lead to inappropriate material.
  • If you inadvertently gain access to inappropriate material, back out immediately and inform your instructor.
Class Web 2.0 Tools
  • Use only for educational productivity.
  • Posting comments that do not pertain to the educational objective are not acceptable.
Web 2.0 Tools
Do not EVER post anything on the internet (photobucket, myspace, flickr, youtube, etc.) that you would not want everyone to see. (NO space is truly private) If you delete posted content (images, text, video) it can still be viewable by others.